Project Planning
Monitoring, Consultancy

We strive for continuity by delivering the necessary drawings to your building / facility as soon as possible using innovative engineering and drawing programs with today's technological developments. We make our best the work to deliver on time.

Planning Systems

- Low voltage energy distribution systems
- Interior lighting system
- Exterior and facade lighting systems
- Security lighting systems
- Lighting automation systems
- Socket systems
- Power systems
- Earthing systems
- Lightning protection systems
- Power factor compensation system
- Diesel - electrogenic (generator) group
- Uninterruptable power system (UPS)
- Telephone systems
- Data systems
- Fire warning and alarm systems
- Satellite and cable tv video systems




Measuring and Reporting


- Earthing and lightning rod ohmic testing
and reporting
- Installation testing, measuring and
- Luminance level measuring and reporting



Consulting Services

- High voltage facility operating service