Building Information Modelling

Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the breakthroughs that the information age has introduced to the building industry. Its use as a concept involves not only the construction and design phase, but also the involvement of its manufacturers in this process. Our company provides consultancy services to the factories, design offices and contractors who want to be included in this context with its experienced team and the power of the partnership of international companies.

Some of services;

- MEP Contracting

For all electrical works of the buildings, we are present in both project and construction steps.


We are preparing your electrical projects, including planning and cost information, in a collaborative climate with all stakeholders of the project and at the targeted BIM level. We undertake the construction of the project.

- BIM Libraries


Our company is engaged in the BIMobject partnership in Turkey. To show products effectively internationally, to analyse data productively, to make all processes smoothly we are providing below services;

+ Library membership

+ Availability of products in libraries in accordance with the required BIM levels (LOD)

+ Modeling of products

+ Sharing qualified information with the personnel in the relevant unit and training of users

- BIM Projects


In line with BIM standards (ISO 19650, 16739, 16757), we provide the following services for the creation of your architectural, static, electrical, mechanical and ventilation projects.

+ Creation of cloud infrastructure

+ Establishment of IFC documentation standard

+ Design level determination


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